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Western Union + Banks + MoneyBookers Transferring WorldWide

Paysafecard Exchange
50 euro Paysafecard  ------> 45$ btc
100 euro Paysafecard  ------> 80$ btc
200euro Paysafecard  ------> 150$ btc

Terms :

I have Limit With Customers For Do Business.....Only 1 Customer Per Week just 1 time he can use my service....Please Dont ask again n again for do second 
Transfer....Otherwise i will ignore you.....For Bank Transfer If you get 1 time transfer already in 1 for second week if you want to do again Transfer
Then you must have Different Bank Account...I will not do transfer in Same Bank Account Again n Again....Just For Security Reason....
For MoneyBookers i can send only 1 time in 1 account next time you must have different moneybokers account for do again...........Hope You Got it...
For Payoneer i can recharge only 1 time per Payoneer card....i cant do again transfer in same card....

[Image: Untitdsdssfsled.png]

Western Union Transfer WorldWide

I`m Doing Transfer Western Union WorldWide but it will take 2-3 business days because it will be bank wire transfer to WU.....So You Will Get MTCN Code With Sender Info + Amount And Then You Can Pick Up Funds From Any WU Store Office.....
If any one need WU service he need to deposit money in escrow then i will start my job....after 3 days when you will picked up your amount from Western Union Store so then you will say to escrow for release my payment.
Note: Only 1 time transfer on 1 name for next time transaction you must have different name for pick up.
(Western Union have now option to use Secret Security Question where you do not need Passport/ID/etc. just to have secret answer.)

Western Union Transfer Rates :

For 100$ Transfer = 30$

For 200$ Transfer = 55$

For 400$ Transfer = 100$

For 1000$ Transfer = 230$ <== You Will Get MTCN code in 3 parts like 350$+350$+300$=1000$

[Image: bank_transfer-128.png]

Rules For Bank Transfer :

I`m doing just Transfer and i will use my second account you don't need to get worry for your account ....Because i will use my method for make clear payment so no dispute no chargeback no account problem.
Once You make payment to me or to Escrow then funds will reflect to your account with in 24-48 hours.
Please no time waster only Serious peoples need.
I don`t Work on % so don`t say to me you have dropper and send me funds then we will share...
I`m Specially Transferring From These Countries:


PayPal Transfer Rates:

For 100$ Transfer = 30$

For 200$ Transfer = 55$

For 400$ Transfer = 100$

PayPal Transfer Rates:

For 100$ Transfer = 30$

For 200$ Transfer = 55$

For 400$ Transfer = 100$

ICQ : 728160144

Here you can see some of my proof of transactions with balance.:

[Image: Global_View_EN.png]

[Image: Ce3kaa_RVAAAc_HYt_jpg_large.jpg]

[/url][Image: skrill_screenshot_me2_5405b06070a0f814248b4577.jpg]

[Image: images_Banking_Bills.png]

[Image: image_6.png]

[Image: proof.png]

[Image: Prince.png]

[Image: image.jpg]

[Image: Donet566.png]

[Image: Load.jpg]

[Image: Done66.png]

[Image: Unt55555itled.jpg]

[Image: untitled.png]

[Image: done.jpg]

[Image: future_transfers.jpg]

[Image: image.png]

About Escrow : 

Escrow is third party for done deal each other. first you need to pay to escrow for the deal after you pay then you

need to make new thread in Escrow Section  With Screen Shot of Payment Then you need

to wait for Escrow team confirm the payment. After escrow confirm the payment i will start my work then you will get

funds in your bank or in WU then you will say to escrow for release my payment 

That's the deal.

Escrow Team:
For Escrow You need to contact with Admin ,

Payment Method:


some vouchs
Vouches and Cash Received by Examples

Originally Posted by BokiMasters [Image: viewpost.gif]
Received my Cash in Hand 10k$ i have done the Deal.

Here is my Fucking Awesome Euro Bundles.

You fucking awesome AdminAlllloooot Vouch.

[Image: ovs_DIZd.jpg]

Originally Posted by BlacK GhosT [Image: viewpost.gif]
Awesome Service.
Received my Skrill Balance Instantly After payment like with in 1 hour.

[Image: skrill_screenshot_me2_5405b06070a0f814248b4577.jpg]

Big Vouch for Admin.
Best Best Best Seller i ever see in my life.
you are life saver bro.

Gonna cashout them now and will exchange again for more business.

Originally Posted by isenhamza [Image: viewpost.gif]
Thank you my Adminfor made my day proof is here for got my money
+++++++++++Vouch ready to deal again :x

Originally Posted by BASEEMKING [Image: viewpost.gif]
yes bro he is really a professional[Image: shisha_goza.gif] person best of luck bro Vouch
+++Vouch for Adminjust got my cash in WU
[Image: IMG_20130712_WA0000.jpg]

Originally Posted by mohdirinho [Image: viewpost.gif]

tnx tnx broo you the best !!
All the best and Vouch for you bro. you are really great dealer.
bst for ever i received and cashout my funds from Admin.
[Image: FKm_GU6_N.png]
Originally Posted by Marley1 [Image: viewpost.gif]

Hi Adminbro please reply me i got new name again for do deal with you again
please please i want to deal with you again
i only do 1 time deal with you but want to do again please reply me thanks so much for your time.

Kind Regards

my latest cash received from WU thanks a]Admin

[Image: e_JAcpyl.png]

Originally Posted by JOHANIS H [Image: viewpost.gif]
Great transaction works correctly

reliable service, as described and works fully.

Extremely happy with the Deal, Hope to do business again! with new details

proof received

[url=][Image: 1446436745534.jpg]

Originally Posted by Fantasy [Image: viewpost.gif]
Wooww Goooood mannn
you know am your big fan and i do already deal here with other verified seller.
Great deals i ever see.
proof of cash 10000$ received
GOOD LUCK MY freind You too Verified like me

look i send you pm
I Want WU transfer
I Will Talk Escrow Team here for deal
Ok Talk The Big Father And Lets Deal
i want deal
please replay in pm

thanks +rep
i promise i get 250$ paypal in just 10min
Is your wu still going ?
(04-28-2017, 10:52 AM)Gentel123 Wrote: Is your wu still going ?

yes i still do 
pm me on ICQ : 717987115
vouch for this guy 
if any one got scam with it i will back your money
vouch for him again
Big vouch for him
i got my 1000$ on WU now
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